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KON MOMO × 'BBox' Case

  • KON MOMO × 'BBox' Case
  • KON MOMO × 'BBox' Case
  • KON MOMO × 'BBox' Case
  • KON MOMO × 'BBox' Case

Kinda like a Gundam set, but its a keyboard case!


BBOX ABS Pink Plastic Case x 1pcs

Keyboard stand x 1pcs

Free theme sticker x 1pack

This link is only for the case, no keyboard include! You need to purchase additional components such as Plate, PCB, Switches, stabilizers and keycaps for assembly to form a complete keyboard

Wuyanshe Daifen (also known as "KON MOMO") keycaps and launch a joint color BBOX

Compatible with most DZ60 rev3.0, GH60, GK61XS, GK64XS and other standard

GH60 specification PCBs

The product only contains a keyboard case and a keyboard stand (you need to assemble it yourself)

Transparent pink ABS

Reserve for a wireless battery compartment

7 degree angle

Free theme sticker pack

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